In the context of a non-monogamous relationship, a «hotwife» is a married woman who engages in extramarital sex with the consent of her husband or partner. The husband in such a couple finds pleasure in the sexual contacts of his wife, often being aroused by the thought that other men want her. Some husbands like the role of a voyeur or an exhibitionist.

What does it mean to be a hotwife?

Being a hotwife is more than just a sexual act with other men, in this hotwife forum you will see what really excites women in this role.

The hotwife lifestyle is primarily about empowering a woman, accepting her desires and managing her sexuality. She is a confident person who chooses to express her sexuality in ways that bring her joy and satisfaction.

It is widely believed in society that a woman needs only one partner. Hotwife, like many other types of modern non-monogamous relationships, allows a woman to know herself and understand her desires. When you realize you need other men in marriage besides your husband, the question already arises of whether you have the courage to make these desires come true.

It’s about breaking free from social norms and expectations, and creating your own rules for interacting with your family.

Many people mistakenly believe a hotwife only occurs if the husband cannot satisfy the wife, and she just goes left in the marriage. It’s not like that at all! Hotwife is not about cheating in marriage and cheating on her husband.

Being a hotwife means maintaining a deep, loving, and committed relationship with your partner. In addition, according to many psychologists, such relationships can strengthen and strengthen the connection with her husband.

This style of relationship can only be possible on a strong family foundation, where spouses deeply trust each other, understand and respect each other.

What are the characteristics for a woman to be a hotwife?

Hotwifing has many benefits:

  • increasing a woman’s self-confidence. Hotwifing gives you the right to enjoy the attention of many men, and the realization of this can positively affect all areas of a woman’s life;
  • improving the sexual relationship of the couple. New experiences and sexual diversity can rekindle the spark in a marriage and freshen up a relationship. Waiting and yearning for a husband, and then telling a date story about the wife’s sexual activities can contribute to a more vibrant sex life;
  • if marriage and intimate life with her husband did not allow a woman to know herself, then hotwife provides an excellent opportunity to do this. A woman can explore her feelings with different men and in different situations.

Be open about your desires

As we said above, hotwifing is about trust and respect with your partner. Therefore, it is especially important to be open about your desires.

If you decide to be a hotwife, then start by explaining why you are interested in this lifestyle. Share your feelings and fantasies with your partner or husband. It is important he understands we are talking about improving his sex life, and not replacing him with another man.

Trust and openness are the foundation of a fortunate hotwife relationship. If you have chosen this lifestyle for yourself, you must understand you cannot lie and hide anything from your husband or partner.

It’s important to remember your primary relationship and marriage, as well as your partner’s feelings, should come first.

A woman should listen to the feelings of her partner. It is also important to consider they will need time to think about this idea. Remember only a mutual decision can bring positive changes in your life.

Allaste Darin