Domina, whips, SM practices, man-slave… Does that speak to you? I don’t have any. While the second installment of Fifty Shades of Grey is about to be shot, I wanted to see what a sadomaso evening “dominatrices and men submissive” looks like in Paris. By Cheek Magazine.

“Tell me, do you like SM and domina parties?”. I never thought I would send such a message. Even less to a dozen friends. And especially not accidentally at my target of the moment … Strangely, the volunteers are missing. They’re cowards. 9:10 p.m. on October 31, I have cold sweats. In the heart of the Marais in Paris, I am looking for the number 8 of rue de Beauce, where I am waiting for Francis D. and Eric I., co-founders of the association Modernité Relative.

They organize the 27th Night Girl Power, reserved for dominatrices and submissive men, including “beginners”. I distinguish a red spot, which illuminates a closed door: The Rock’s, tapas bar during the week and room for rent on weekends. I’m knocking. Francis D. opens the door for me. The warmth of the tiny vestibule, closed by an opaque curtain, grips me. I play the “relaxed-wait-I-have-seen-others”. Not won with my little girl’s head tidy.

I’m timidly pushing the curtain away. The lounge bar is sober under pink lights, black leather armchairs, coffee tables, and facing the counter, a steep staircase that descends to the basement from which escapes a dim light. A bar like any other, except for two women in their thirties in black corsets with laces and ultra-tight vinyl pants.

So, what actually happens in those clubs?

In France, the law is quite complicated. The women can’t be paid for sex otherwise it would be considered as prostitution. However, they can do everything else. They can tie up men hands. They can also perform jerk off instructions as long as they don’t touch the man’s penis. If you are into jerk off instructions be aware that you can get in a chat room with a domina online who can perform jerk off instruction on a website. The website xchatz has listed the best websites where you can find a domina for JOI 24 hours, 365 days a week.

Let’s return to the domina club. They may handcuff men, hit men butt with a whip. They may also mock their penis size.

Allaste Darin