Escort is a word rich in meanings, and in essence, the term is used to define the accompanying process. But in the modern world, there is another concept — the support of a young man or a wealthy man during prestigious events. Such services came to Germany from other Western countries not so long ago, but even in Frankfurt, such work is respected.

So what are escort services?

Escort or VIP services appeared not so long ago. They are designed for those who are called the cream of society — well-off people. Such people very often take part in various events, exhibitions, and various forums. And it begs the question: «Who can go to such an event to maintain the status of a successful person?».

Usually, it is not conventional to come to such events in solitude. Business people frequently appear accompanied by a charming, exciting callgirl who will support the conversation on occasion.

Escort service is a powerful tool for successful negotiations. The beautiful and intelligent escorts Frankfurt play the role of distraction and can even soften the position of a reluctant partner. It will help to create the necessary psychological atmosphere, increase the status of the accompanied client, and thus achieve the desired results during the operation. Escort services are a little different from other negotiation tools, and it is the reason for the popularity of escort agencies.

Characteristics of girls

As in any professional activity, girls from escort agencies have unique characteristics:

  • All escort agency girls have a beautiful and neat appearance (clean manicure, pedicure, haircut, clean skin, friendly and modest make-up).
  • They have the following character traits: sociability, broad outlook, ability to maintain a conversation, self-confidence.
  • They always have a positive mood, sense of humor, lightness, and friendliness.
  • Literacy, tactfulness, knowledge of etiquette and manners, punctuality.
  • They can flirt unobtrusively to arouse male interest.
  • An additional bonus is the presence of higher education, knowledge of a foreign language, and the presence of a pleasant voice.

After all, what is an escort service? It is the satisfaction of the client’s desire to see a beautiful girl. The wishes and tastes of customers are diverse. Some like young ladies, some like milfs, some prefer skinny, others — curvy girls. Therefore, there are no single canons or patterns of beauty as there is no age limit. You can often meet women over 40 who work in this field, luxurious and quite successful. Callgirls of elegant age create an incredible effect on men’s status.

Allaste Darin