The Kind, Quality & Reason for Relationships
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The Kind, Quality & Reason for Relationships

Relationships can be established by type, quality and purpose. Various kinds of relationship might have different characteristics along with a different purpose. This is exactly what makes all relationships individual and different to individuals inside the relationship.

Kinds of Relationship

There are lots of Kinds of Relationship.

Which kind of relationship which i have with someone is determined by the roles that we’re both playing inside the relationship. Because the roles change, the same is true the kind of relationship.

Husband & wife, father & boy, mother & daughter are various kinds of relationship. Teacher & pupil, trainer & student, counselor & client, coach & coachee are various kinds of relationship. Director & manager, manager & worker, employer & worker, worker & customer are various kinds of relationship.

When I change my role inside a relationship, I change the kind of relationship that i’m getting and just how I connect with someone else.

A mom & daughter may connect with one another being a parent & child noisy . many years of their relationship and connect with one another as well as buddies later in existence, while they remain a mom along with a daughter due to their ancestral lineage instead of his or her roles in existence.

The kind of relationship doesn’t determine the caliber of the connection.

The caliber of rapport

The caliber of rapport is dependent upon the compatibility and also the co-operation of the people inside the relationship, as opposed to the characteristics, attributes and attainments of the people themselves.

The compatibility and co-operation of those inside a relationship is dependent upon the Loa based on how alike individuals are or how attractive they’re to one another.

Those who are alike, like one another and relate well. They’re compatible plus they co-operate with one another.

Relationships become strained because in addition to ‘like attracts like’, opposites also attract. Gender opposites attract and relate well, whereas polar opposites repel one another and discover one another repulsive.

Miserable people jump on well with miserable people, whereas happy people can’t. An arrogant person might be seen by their humble partner as confident. A meek person might be seen by an arrogant partner as weak.

The caliber of the connection isn’t based on the caliber of the emotional condition to be of the people inside the relationship. Neither could it be based on the kind of role the folks are adopting, neither is it based on the objective of the connection.

The objective of Relationship

The objective of Relationship is threefold:

1. To satisfy the emotional requirements of each partner inside a relationship.

I’ve got a relationship with anybody who meets me emotionally. I develop my personality and my character to be able to relate easier to others and become more effective to get my emotional needs met by them. This can be the situation whether it’s having a spouse, a household relative, a buddy, a piece friend, or perhaps a family dog.

This really is known as a Co-dependent Relationship and it is ‘being together in separateness’.

2. To allow me to develop and also to develop personally inside a spiritual way.

On the spiritual road to growth and development, most people are significant as one picture of whom where I’m on my small path. Because it is impossible to determine the facets of my very own identity which i have selected to build up, most people are drawn to me as my chance to determine inside them what If only to alter within my Self.

This really is known as an Interdependent Relationship and it is ‘Being Separate in Togetherness’

3. To let us discuss the attributes and attainments of my true identity with other people.

By discussing the greatest facets of who I’m with another that has achieved individuals attributes, enables us both to see and also to benefit from the exponential advantages of our mutual growth and development.

This really is known as an Interdevelopmental Relationship and it is ‘Being Together in Togetherness’.