The first date, even if it’s an online date, is generally nerve-wracking. It is supposed to be the first face-to-face conversation of many to come. Most of the time, a classic dinner is a great idea when you want to get to know someone. Coffee, movies, or dinner are all perfectly good ice-breakers when it comes to meeting a person for the first time. But when you want to make an impression and have a memorable first date with someone you like, a creative idea would go a long way.

Certain kinds of date online are meant for you to get to know each other. What they like, dislike, what makes them tick, how competitive they are, and everything you like or dislike about them. Here are some of the ideas you can implement to make your first date even more fun and interesting:

  1. Dinner with a twist

While dinner is a great start to something new, it is also generic and common. When you want to make a huge first impression, it is important to be unique and try out different things. Instead of going out and getting dinner, you can dine in and cook it. In this way, you get to know their habits and their behaviour better. In general, you get to know them better, and knowing how good their cooking skills are is always a plus. In this way, you understand how they react to stressful situations and how particular they are about details.

  1. Arcades

When you want to know about the person from a single dating perspective, whether they are competitive or not, taking them to an arcade is an amazing idea. Doing something exciting with someone makes you associate that feeling with them. You figure out how that person deals with challenges, stress, and even how they take to winning or losing. A dinner or a coffee date may not reveal that.

  1. One day class

Taking a class and learning something new together is a great way to bond with someone. You get to know them better and also what kinds of skills they possess. You also find out how much patience they have and how much they will consider your opinion or if they will dominate the entire conversation and project altogether.

  1. Walks

Walks initiate long talks. The advantage of going for a walk with a person on your first date is that you find out if the person is a talker or prefers silence. While both may be okay, what kind of a person you prefer, depends on you. Walks generally let you know how comfortable a person is with talking or staying quiet. On an app for dating, you get more insight into a person’s interests in their bio. Once the walk is done, you can choose to stay longer and have a meal together or decide to part ways.

  1. Library or a bookstore

A date at a library or a bookstore is a phenomenal idea when you both like to read. You get to know each other’s tastes in books and genres. If they have read the books you love or if they hate your favourite books. You can discuss the books you like, the ones you both have in common and the ones you hate. It is an interesting and fun way to get to know each other and bond.

Allaste Darin