Handguns have been in use for a very long time. In fact, the earliest designs come from the early 15th century, when people started equipping themselves with a better set of armors for combat. From that time till today, handguns have been used for all kinds of purposes, from fun to self-defense to hunting. Today, there are countless types/models available in handguns all around the world. But if you’re just starting out and want to get one for yourself, it’s best to know everything you can about them first.

The accompanying information will help you understand this fascinating subject, including:

  • How they shoot

The only downside to a handgun is the fact that it’s not made for shooting at long distances. Unlike rifles, handguns lack support near the barrel and they make it harder to maintain accuracy over longer distances. The handgun allows you to get really close in on your target, but once you start shooting, accuracy will be difficult at a longer distance. It’s due to this reason that handguns cannot be used for long-distance shooting. You will most likely find them as sidearm weapons as opposed to rifles or shotguns. It doesn’t mean that guns are useless once you cross a certain range, however, as there are some weapons that can be used for long-distance shooting, such as sniper rifles and assault rifles. The difference is made by the position of the weapon itself, as well as other supporting details like scopes and so on.

  • The differences between Handguns and Shotguns

Handguns and shotguns are different in the way they shoot and the distance they can shoot. Handguns are most accurate and long-range, but only have a small clip of bullets, while shotguns can shoot a large number of shells at a short distance, but are less accurate and not very long-range. The main difference in handguns is that revolvers have to be cocked after every shot; pistols must have ammunition pushed into their chamber by hand before they can be fired; automatic pistols have ammunition magazines (much like a magazine on an assault rifle) that hold more bullets than both revolvers or pistols.

  • How they are used

Guns are weapons that use the energy produced by a chemical reaction to fire a projectile at high velocity out of a barrel. There are many different kinds of guns, but they all have these features in common: they use gunpowder or another explosive compound to create the pressure needed to push the bullet down the barrel, and they use a mechanical system called an “action” to hold and release that pressure.

Learning your weapon before heading into combat is important, as you will have to fight back and defend yourself if needed. It is not easy to use a gun but having the proper defense mechanism in place is a must. Keep in mind that every gun has its own specification as well as its purpose.

Allaste Darin