While you may know of people who seem to have remained happily married even while living in an assisted living facility together in their old age, it often seems like more people wind up in unhappy marriages that don’t last nearly as long as they may have liked. And while some of the reasons for this might have been outside of their control, there usually are things that could have been done to safeguard the relationship and improve the chances of that marriage lasting throughout their lifetime.

To help you see just what some of these things could have been, here are three tips for help your relationship stand the test of time. 

Learn To Let Go Of Things That Aren’t Important

When people are first starting to fall in love, they often are much more willing to look past small things that could cause issues in their relationship. But as that relationship grows, those small things might start to feel like big things. The trick here is knowing when something is small and should be overlooked and when something is really worth getting into. 

If you feel like something is starting to bother you about your partner, think about whether this is something that is really worth getting into a discussion about. If you realize that it’s something that you can either learn to live with or that doesn’t really have an impact on your happiness or the health of your marriage, it may be best to just let it be and avoid the conflict and hurt feelings. 

Find Your Common Ground

While opposites definitely can attract, something that can help to make your relationship stronger and easier to maneuver is always looking for where you have common ground. 

Especially when it comes to things like values and beliefs, the more things that you’re able to have in common, the better you’ll be able to look at the world through a shared view and make decisions that both parties can be happy with.

Make Your Relationship Your Top Priority

As life goes on, it can be easy for a relationship that used to be your most important priority to get pushed a little further down the list. But if you want your marriage or partnership to last for years to come, you have to show to yourself and your partner that this relationship is your top priority. 

To do this, you’ll always want to give your person and your relationship that time and attention that it needs and deserves. If there ever comes a time when you have to choose who to be loyal and faithful to, you should always choose your relationship. 

If you want to give your marriage the best chance of working out, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you in finding this happiness and success. 

Allaste Darin